I am a junior in the Honours Physics undergraduate program at McGill University and a research assistant in Lincoln Greenhill's research group at the Harvard-Smithsonian CfA. I specialize in astronomy software. I love physics, statistics, automation, artificial intelligence, GPUs, and many other things.


  • Bifrost (poster)

    Bifrost is a software framework built to expedite the development of astronomical data analysis pipelines. It forms the stream-processing infrastructure between algorithms by webbing them together with an efficient GPU/CPU ring buffer implementation. Coded in Python, C/C++, and CUDA.

Other Projects

  • RoboHacks

    I founded RoboHacks, which is a 24-hour robotics-themed hackathon at McGill. I directed the first event, which took place from March 19-20th, 2016, and had 763 applications from across North America for 150 participant spots at the event. I led a team of 20 organizers and 49 event volunteers. As a team, we raised over $24,000 in monetary funding for the project and completed our first year by winning "Best Science and Technology Project" in Quebec.